Monday, October 21, 2013

Wave 2 and Weekend deals

This last week WSD and WSM celebrated a wedding anniversary. Gifts were exchanged and cheesecake was partaken. These kids have the best mom. She bought Lightcore Star Strike for WSD. Then Dad snuck in another Skylander to use the 40% off purchase special happening at Toys R Us (using his lunch money for the week). Lightcore Smolderdash is now part of the collection. Both girl Skylanders. What is up with that? Mom was going to buy WSD 2 shirts as a gift... He asked for a shirt and a Skylander.
Also Grilla Drilla joined the fray on Friday night.

Today is Thing 2's Birthday- he is the big ocho. That is ESPN the Ocho (8) for you gringos. This morning he unwrapped a regular Magna Charge and probably will unwrap another Skylander before the sun goes down, wink, wink.

While at Toys R Us on Saturday for a Lego event. We saw all the Wave 2 Skylanders on the shelf. The boys were going out of their collective minds. A really odd thing about the store is that they placed the Lego event in the Swap Force section. There was barely any room to move with out stepping a little kid filling a bag with lego pieces.
One question kept coming to mind is, "Where are the triple packs?" I want to save a few dollars and get them all at once. I think we will see them show up soon when other stores start selling Wave 2.

GhostRoaster has a nice write up on the Wave 2 release.

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