Monday, October 21, 2013

Wave 2 and Weekend deals

This last week WSD and WSM celebrated a wedding anniversary. Gifts were exchanged and cheesecake was partaken. These kids have the best mom. She bought Lightcore Star Strike for WSD. Then Dad snuck in another Skylander to use the 40% off purchase special happening at Toys R Us (using his lunch money for the week). Lightcore Smolderdash is now part of the collection. Both girl Skylanders. What is up with that? Mom was going to buy WSD 2 shirts as a gift... He asked for a shirt and a Skylander.
Also Grilla Drilla joined the fray on Friday night.

Today is Thing 2's Birthday- he is the big ocho. That is ESPN the Ocho (8) for you gringos. This morning he unwrapped a regular Magna Charge and probably will unwrap another Skylander before the sun goes down, wink, wink.

While at Toys R Us on Saturday for a Lego event. We saw all the Wave 2 Skylanders on the shelf. The boys were going out of their collective minds. A really odd thing about the store is that they placed the Lego event in the Swap Force section. There was barely any room to move with out stepping a little kid filling a bag with lego pieces.
One question kept coming to mind is, "Where are the triple packs?" I want to save a few dollars and get them all at once. I think we will see them show up soon when other stores start selling Wave 2.

GhostRoaster has a nice write up on the Wave 2 release.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Swap Force Unboxing and the natives

Swap Force came out on October 13th. We bought it, then the boys wanted to do an unboxing video. Supposedly it is the new hot thing to do, then post the video to YouTube. Well I didn't want to do a regular unboxing (boring) and came up with this idea. We had so much fun.

What a bunch of crazy boys!

Monday, October 14, 2013

No secret codes with Skylanders Dark Edition

Not true. The codes are there you just have to search for them. They are not with the cards and directions. They are not with the mega poster. And it is MEGA! It is bigger than 3 of our 4 children. It's double sided and has the Dark Edition characters on one side and all three posters on the other.

But the codes... Oh yeah they are taped on the inside of the box on a tab by the characters. Depending on which side you open the box you may or may not see them.

Yay! Secret Codes and Stickers Found!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Swap Force is OUT!!!

As of midnight today Skylanders Swap Force is available for purchase. But you already knew that.

WSD (wannabe Skylander Dad) went to a local Toys R Us for the midnight launch. There were about 20 people in line at midnight. WSD picked up his xbox pre-order with a free light core Hex. He also picked up all the characters he set out to buy. The list was documented in the last post. 

Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary Light Core Grim Creeper
Enchanted Hoot Loop

At Walmart the employees knew about Swap Force but did not know if they had recieved any shipments. WSD explained that the game "launched" 30 minutes ago so a good bet would be that they have something. After a radio call to the back the stock guy came out to talk with WSD about what exact character(s) he was looking for. He was super helpful and nice and did not seem put out at all that he was being asked to do random things in the middle of the night. 

Tomorrow will be Gamestop and Target. Maybe even Toys R Us. 

No school or work makes it a great second day after launch. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

SWAP Force Launch: What's the plan?

Saturday nights at our house usually end later than most nights. This Saturday will be no exception, except it will be really late. The "old" Toys R Us, as the kids call it, will be having a midnight launch of Skylanders Swap Force. There may be one near you- check out the list.

I plan to be there to snag the exclusive guys that are only at TRU. You are a true Skylander fan and already know but just in case a newbie happens to read this, here they are:
Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary Light Core Grim Creeper
(that guy has a lot of names, must be a nephew of mine)
After TRU, there are 4 Walmarts before I get home and I will go to each one if I have to. I'll be looking for Enchanted Hoot Loop. Of course I will be very tired and I hope the first one will be a winner.
Enchanted Hoot Loop
Soon after I plan to pick up Nitro Magna Charge with Rattle Shake at Target. Oh and I can't forget about the Dark Edition at Gamestop.

The Skylander fan community is great. There are so many dedicated fans. One of my favorites to follow is Portalflip created a Launch Day Survival Guide.  It has all you could need to remember, take, use and plan for launch day... err night.

What is your plan? Where are you going first? TRU? Walmart? What character are excited to get, then play?

Just over 48 hours from now...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tweet for a chance to win a SWAP Force Starter Pack

The official @SkylandersGame twitter account is hosting a contest as part of SWAPtober or more rightly stated as #SWAPtober.
Everyday you can submit your favorite new SWAP combination, catchphrase of that new swap and included the hash tags #SWAPtober and #skylanders.

For the full rules be sure to checkout

Only one entry per day but I guess you can submit lots of swaps per day. Many people are.

Here is an example we did yesterday.

Keep is simple and have fun.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wal-Mart Pre-Order issues

Today I went to check on an order I had with Wal-Mart, then decided to check the SWAP Force selections. I was blown away with the price increase for Enchanted Hoot Loop and the Magic Three Pack. This is of course an error by the store but it doesn't make me want to pre-order at this moment. Hopefully they correct it soon.
I plan on being at a Wal-Mart at midnight October 13th maybe the in-store Hoot Loop will cost less. ;)
I did double check any settings that may have caused the currency to change. I didn't find anything. Notice that the Wii Starter Pack has the proper price...? Weird.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Swap Force mania has taken over

With less than two weeks to go all we can think about is Swap Force.
  • Who will be available?
  • Who will we buy first?
  • Which kid gets which character? (we sorted that out with a round robin selection/draft)
  • Which store are we going to first?

As a WSD (wannabe Skylander Dad) I have been hitting the online shopping sites hard looking for hints of which characters will be out first. I think we have seen enough to have a good idea of what the expect in 12 days. Search for Swap Force at,,,, has a few with prices.

  • Dark Edition Starter Pack at GameStop
  • Regular Edition Starter Pack for all current consoles at pretty much any store that is worth anything. (PS4 and Xbox One coming later this year)
  • Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack with different characters (Rattle Shake, Free Ranger and Volcanic Eruptor)
  • Adventure Pack - Pop Thorn, Tower of Time, Battle Hammer and Sky Diamond
  • Battle Pack - Bumble Blast, Knockout Terrafin and the Fiery Forge
  • LIGHTCORE HEX... Finally!
  • Swappers (Individual)
    • Free Ranger
    • Hoot Loop
    • Enchanted Hoot Loop (only at Wal-Mart)
    • Magna Charge
    • Rattle Shake
  • Swapper Two Packs
    • Nitro Magna Charge and Rattle Shake (only at Target)
    • Nitro Magna Charge and Free Ranger (only at Target)
  • Three Packs **All characters in three packs are available individually also except Star Strike, but maybe we have seen the package.
    • Magic Three Pack from Wal-Mart - Spyro, Pop Fizz and Star Strike
    • Eruptor, Slobbertooth, Pop Fizz
    • Spryo, Chill, Zoo Lou
  • Lightcore Characters
    • Flashwing
    • Grim Creeper
    • Smolderdash
    • Star Strike
    • Warnado
  • New Characters
    • Countdown
    • Roller Brawl
    • Slobbertooth
    • Zoo Lou
  • Returning Characters
    • Blizzard Chill
    • Lava Barf Eruptor
    • Mega Ram Spyro
    • Super Gulp Pop Fizz
  • Legendary Characters at Toys R Us
    • Lightcore Grim Creeper
    • Free Ranger (how will that work with swapping- will we have to say legendary before the name: Legendary Free Buckler?)
  • Guide Books
Some other locations to check/double check: