Sunday, October 13, 2013

Swap Force is OUT!!!

As of midnight today Skylanders Swap Force is available for purchase. But you already knew that.

WSD (wannabe Skylander Dad) went to a local Toys R Us for the midnight launch. There were about 20 people in line at midnight. WSD picked up his xbox pre-order with a free light core Hex. He also picked up all the characters he set out to buy. The list was documented in the last post. 

Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary Light Core Grim Creeper
Enchanted Hoot Loop

At Walmart the employees knew about Swap Force but did not know if they had recieved any shipments. WSD explained that the game "launched" 30 minutes ago so a good bet would be that they have something. After a radio call to the back the stock guy came out to talk with WSD about what exact character(s) he was looking for. He was super helpful and nice and did not seem put out at all that he was being asked to do random things in the middle of the night. 

Tomorrow will be Gamestop and Target. Maybe even Toys R Us. 

No school or work makes it a great second day after launch. 

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