Monday, October 14, 2013

No secret codes with Skylanders Dark Edition

Not true. The codes are there you just have to search for them. They are not with the cards and directions. They are not with the mega poster. And it is MEGA! It is bigger than 3 of our 4 children. It's double sided and has the Dark Edition characters on one side and all three posters on the other.

But the codes... Oh yeah they are taped on the inside of the box on a tab by the characters. Depending on which side you open the box you may or may not see them.

Yay! Secret Codes and Stickers Found!


  1. Please please PLEASE answer soon! I'm getting my brother Skylanders Dark and a few figures TOMORROW... Will other figures be able to be used on the dark forces Wii version? I can't find any information.

    1. The figures are universal so they will work on any portal on any system. From what I know, the portals are different and can be used on different systems.
      We are using our Dark Edition Portal and have used new and old figures.
      Good Luck! The game is really fun.

    2. Sorry about that... supposed to be: the portals are different and CAN'T be used on different systems