Thursday, October 10, 2013

SWAP Force Launch: What's the plan?

Saturday nights at our house usually end later than most nights. This Saturday will be no exception, except it will be really late. The "old" Toys R Us, as the kids call it, will be having a midnight launch of Skylanders Swap Force. There may be one near you- check out the list.

I plan to be there to snag the exclusive guys that are only at TRU. You are a true Skylander fan and already know but just in case a newbie happens to read this, here they are:
Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary Light Core Grim Creeper
(that guy has a lot of names, must be a nephew of mine)
After TRU, there are 4 Walmarts before I get home and I will go to each one if I have to. I'll be looking for Enchanted Hoot Loop. Of course I will be very tired and I hope the first one will be a winner.
Enchanted Hoot Loop
Soon after I plan to pick up Nitro Magna Charge with Rattle Shake at Target. Oh and I can't forget about the Dark Edition at Gamestop.

The Skylander fan community is great. There are so many dedicated fans. One of my favorites to follow is Portalflip created a Launch Day Survival Guide.  It has all you could need to remember, take, use and plan for launch day... err night.

What is your plan? Where are you going first? TRU? Walmart? What character are excited to get, then play?

Just over 48 hours from now...


  1. my plan is to get the tru exclusive lightcore, the starter, hoot loop, and the battle and adventure pack.

    1. How did it go during the launch? Were you able to get everything you wanted? We found everything and more that we didn't know we wanted. Haha :)