Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skylander Repair Shop

The kids really like to play with the Skylander figures and not always when the Xbox is on. They carry them around. They divide them in groups by element, sometimes by size or color.
So they get bumped around. One time Crusher even fell from the second floor to the hard tile floor below. Well he survived... kind of. His orange base fell off but snuggly reattaches and he still works in the game.
Other casualties:
Terrafins Arm. I have super glued this thin 3 times. He is a favorite so he gets toted around the house. I expect the most recent fix to come undone soon.

Chop Chop's Arm. I super glued his arm twice but the brake is a very weird angle and it doesn't stay. Also the plastic is very smooth so the glue doesn't have much to grip on. I don't even know where the arm is now.

Molten Hot Dog's Tail. Hot Dog is our daughters figure. She latched on to him because his is cute dog. His tail broke off a few weeks after unboxing. I glued it once and it stuck. I wish all my fixes were like this dog rear end.

Do you have any Skylander figures that have broken? How have you fixed them? What works best?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Are Loyal to Skylanders First

First, we are loyal Skylanders fans. We are going out of our minds with all the recent Swap Force announcements and pre-ordering. But that doesn't mean we can't try other things, especially to compare so we can make intelligent comments and express ourselves with knowledge and confidence.

Do you remember that scene in E.T. when the kids hid him in the closet with the stuffed animals and the mother looked in and couldn't find anything wrong? Below is our interpretation of that. The WSK had a fun time arranging the figures to get them just right.

Who do you see?

This could also be a Sesame Street segment: One of these kids is doing his own thing. One of these kids is not like the others.

More about the comparison later.

Swap Force Xbox Achievements

So many outlets are putting out little nuggets of info about SWAP Force that it only keeps getting harder to wait. 
We play on the Xbox 360 so when I heard that Xbox 360 achievements had posted the list for SWAP Force I had to check them out. 
Some may say, "Big deal. I have the another console. So this doesn't apply to me." Oh but it does. It tells us so much info. Like number of levels. Different ways to play a level.

Level Names...
  1. Mount Cloudbreak
  2. Cascade Glade
  3. Mudwater Hollow
  4. Rampant Ruins
  5. Jungle Rumble
  6. Iron Jaw Gulch
  7. Motleyville
  8. Twisty Tunnels
  9. Serpent's Peak
  10. Boney Islands
  11. Winter Keep
  12. Frostfest Mountains
  13. Mesmeralda's Show
  14. Fantasm Forest
  15. Kaos' Fortress
  16. Motherly Mayhem (Does the image show Kaos' Mom?)
  17. Cloudbreak Core
Game Play variations:
Time Attack Levels
Score Mode Levels
Bonus Missions

Solo Survival (One player battles through waves of enemies, like Brocks Challenges)
Team Survival (Two players battle through waves of enemies)
Rival (Two players battle through wave of enemies but there will be a score and the higher score wins)
Battle Arena (Two players, Player vs Player... Arena Rumble)
Ring Out (Two players attempt to knock each other out of the arena)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poster Update

After yesterday's revealing Swap Force Poster. It was time to update my homemade version. Now we know the elements of the remaining 4 figures and who the last life element is... surprise! It's Camo!!!

The thing that puzzles me still is that poster from yesterday left off at least 3 figures. Terrafin, Warnado and Whamshell (represented by his Series 1 pose below). The real Whamshell Series 2 has no been seen yet so it could be removed. We have seen the LC Warnado figure but nothing official so it could be removed. But we have seen Knockout Terrafin. You can preorder him right now. So why wasn't he on that poster? I don't have the answer. Does anyone out there? The WSK are starting to ask questions.

Wait was that poster made up and we all fell for it?

This is my creation I have pulled together from random sources around the internet.

Here is another version, just a different background.
Ok, one more with a smaller logo and the catchphrase or slogan.

The Ones That Didn't Make It

Forgotten ones. Castaways. Outcasts. Exiles. Refugees. Shunned. Not picked to play the game.

Whatever you call them there are a few Skylanders that didn't make the cut and didn't make it into Skylanders Swap Force. Here they are in no particular order. Photos below are from our collection of Skylanders figures.
  1. Slam Bam
  2. Wrecking Ball
  3. Zap
  4. Shroomboom
  5. Lightening Rod
  6. Sonic Boom
  7. Zook
  8. Stumpsmash
  9. Hex
  10. Fright Rider
  11. Drobot :(
  12. Drill Sargent
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Ignitor
  15. Flameslinger
  16. Bash (never found him in a store)   :(

Wrecking Ball
Double Trouble
Slam Bam
Lightening Rod
Sonic Boom

Fright Rider
Drill Sargent
Shroomboom and Fright Rider are special disappointments as they were only Series 1 guys, new to Giants, and they didn't make the cut. Well, if there is any silver lining for these figures it is that there are some Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Series 1 figures that are coming back for Swap Force. Namely Warnado, Camo and Whamshell. 

But to these guys... See you later. Maybe we'll play you later after the swapping excitement wears off.