Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Ones That Didn't Make It

Forgotten ones. Castaways. Outcasts. Exiles. Refugees. Shunned. Not picked to play the game.

Whatever you call them there are a few Skylanders that didn't make the cut and didn't make it into Skylanders Swap Force. Here they are in no particular order. Photos below are from our collection of Skylanders figures.
  1. Slam Bam
  2. Wrecking Ball
  3. Zap
  4. Shroomboom
  5. Lightening Rod
  6. Sonic Boom
  7. Zook
  8. Stumpsmash
  9. Hex
  10. Fright Rider
  11. Drobot :(
  12. Drill Sargent
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Ignitor
  15. Flameslinger
  16. Bash (never found him in a store)   :(

Wrecking Ball
Double Trouble
Slam Bam
Lightening Rod
Sonic Boom

Fright Rider
Drill Sargent
Shroomboom and Fright Rider are special disappointments as they were only Series 1 guys, new to Giants, and they didn't make the cut. Well, if there is any silver lining for these figures it is that there are some Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Series 1 figures that are coming back for Swap Force. Namely Warnado, Camo and Whamshell. 

But to these guys... See you later. Maybe we'll play you later after the swapping excitement wears off. 

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