Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Swap Force Xbox Achievements

So many outlets are putting out little nuggets of info about SWAP Force that it only keeps getting harder to wait. 
We play on the Xbox 360 so when I heard that Xbox 360 achievements had posted the list for SWAP Force I had to check them out. 
Some may say, "Big deal. I have the another console. So this doesn't apply to me." Oh but it does. It tells us so much info. Like number of levels. Different ways to play a level.

Level Names...
  1. Mount Cloudbreak
  2. Cascade Glade
  3. Mudwater Hollow
  4. Rampant Ruins
  5. Jungle Rumble
  6. Iron Jaw Gulch
  7. Motleyville
  8. Twisty Tunnels
  9. Serpent's Peak
  10. Boney Islands
  11. Winter Keep
  12. Frostfest Mountains
  13. Mesmeralda's Show
  14. Fantasm Forest
  15. Kaos' Fortress
  16. Motherly Mayhem (Does the image show Kaos' Mom?)
  17. Cloudbreak Core
Game Play variations:
Time Attack Levels
Score Mode Levels
Bonus Missions

Solo Survival (One player battles through waves of enemies, like Brocks Challenges)
Team Survival (Two players battle through waves of enemies)
Rival (Two players battle through wave of enemies but there will be a score and the higher score wins)
Battle Arena (Two players, Player vs Player... Arena Rumble)
Ring Out (Two players attempt to knock each other out of the arena)

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