Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skylander Repair Shop

The kids really like to play with the Skylander figures and not always when the Xbox is on. They carry them around. They divide them in groups by element, sometimes by size or color.
So they get bumped around. One time Crusher even fell from the second floor to the hard tile floor below. Well he survived... kind of. His orange base fell off but snuggly reattaches and he still works in the game.
Other casualties:
Terrafins Arm. I have super glued this thin 3 times. He is a favorite so he gets toted around the house. I expect the most recent fix to come undone soon.

Chop Chop's Arm. I super glued his arm twice but the brake is a very weird angle and it doesn't stay. Also the plastic is very smooth so the glue doesn't have much to grip on. I don't even know where the arm is now.

Molten Hot Dog's Tail. Hot Dog is our daughters figure. She latched on to him because his is cute dog. His tail broke off a few weeks after unboxing. I glued it once and it stuck. I wish all my fixes were like this dog rear end.

Do you have any Skylander figures that have broken? How have you fixed them? What works best?

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