Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poster Update

After yesterday's revealing Swap Force Poster. It was time to update my homemade version. Now we know the elements of the remaining 4 figures and who the last life element is... surprise! It's Camo!!!

The thing that puzzles me still is that poster from yesterday left off at least 3 figures. Terrafin, Warnado and Whamshell (represented by his Series 1 pose below). The real Whamshell Series 2 has no been seen yet so it could be removed. We have seen the LC Warnado figure but nothing official so it could be removed. But we have seen Knockout Terrafin. You can preorder him right now. So why wasn't he on that poster? I don't have the answer. Does anyone out there? The WSK are starting to ask questions.

Wait was that poster made up and we all fell for it?

This is my creation I have pulled together from random sources around the internet.

Here is another version, just a different background.
Ok, one more with a smaller logo and the catchphrase or slogan.


  1. Where did you get the background from?

    1. The green one with the elements I got from @SkylanderGame twitter page. The other one with the islands, sky and trees was the Giants poster from

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