Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Legendary Zoo Lou

On Sunday, Toys R Us started their slow leak of new Skylanders. This weeks release: Legendary Zoo Lou. Instead of a white "panda," he is a black "panda." Or as Jonev calls him, Blue Zoo Lou. He does have a blue tint but it is like a car paint. Depending on the light it can look blue or black.
Interesting to note that his wand or whatever that thing is in his hand is really gold on the figure. All the artwork we had seen showed it as the dark color. The package show the dark color wand and even shows the dark color. What's up with that?

We picked him up yesterday along with another new Skylander (that shall remain nameless until December 25th).

I think we should have time to play with him tomorrow and check out if the animals he call are still green. I hope not. That would be awesome if they are gold are black.

Next week the schedule shows that Legendary Night Shift will be released. Of course that will be another purchase. We have a spreadsheet of all the figures and which of the kids get to call each "his or hers" or is it Dads or the entire family. I know... quite nerdy and organized. It truly cuts down on the fighting. So on that spreadsheet, no one claimed Legendary Night Shift. Should be interesting deciding...

How many variants do you have? Which ones? Do you like having to get variants? Do you hate TRU for making them so appealing?
Which variants are left to be released... Enchanted Star Strike, Nitro Freeze Blade and all those that got released on the German site... soccer, spring, jolly, etc...

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