Friday, August 16, 2013

We went Skylander Hunting: Part ?

We go Skylander Hunting at least once a week, much to the dislike of WSM (Wannabe Skylander Mom). We are so close to getting a complete set so we keep looking. In recent months there hasn't been much selection but everyonce in a while we find a small treasure. Please now with all the chase variants (Purple Eye Brawl, Purple Wrecking Ball, Purple Lightening Rod, Pumpkin Eye Brawl {not out yet?}, Wicked Thumpback {what is this?}, Dark Green Gill Grunt and don't forget the one we really are looking forward to... Punch Pop Fizz.) Oh, man taking him out of the 3DS starter pack makes sense since they did it with Gnarly Tree Rex. He sounds to be the most obtainable like a Walmart walk in... I am going to try tonight on the way home from work. The video below is a teaser for the full length feature something. This is the best I could do from my iPhone, at work, in a meeting.
So we will work on the numbering of our hunting videos. I guess we can make it up at.

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