Thursday, August 22, 2013

Swap Force Poster

Update- August 31
New poster is out. See it here.
With so many sources sharing Swap Force character updates recently I thought is would attempt to pull them together in something I am familiar with.

On the Skylanders Giants website there is a poster page that can be downloaded. It is very similar to the poster that comes in the starter pack.

There have been some character names revealed (Dune Bug, Wind Up, Scratch etc.) but no certain element associated. If you have any more info on these please share and I will update the poster mock up below. The lightcore characters are glowing copies of themselves to appear different than the non-lightcore versions. If I am missing an image please share a link to it.

Another update is already planned because of the small black and white logo I started putting on the Life and Air elements.

This is also a very low resolution image. If there is interest in making it larger I will take the time to do it.
*I just realized that I missed regular Grim Creeper. Will update soon.

This is a work in progress please suggest update that I may have missed?

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