Thursday, August 29, 2013

Variants coming to GameStop

So I stopped at our local GameStop yesterday to ask a question about pre-ordering Swap Force Dark Edition.
Here are my questions with the employees responses:
  1. If I order online can I pick it up here on 10/13? - No
  2. Can I pre-order in the store with you today? -Yes, which system?
  3. Will there be a midnight launch? - Maybe, we haven't heard.
  4. If I can't make it in on Sunday 10/13, can I come the next day and still pick it up? - Yes, you have a month to pick it up.
Then he offered this bit of marketing, "Come back next month as we will have some variants."
I quickly asked, "Will it be Pumpkin Eye Brawl?" He said he wasn't sure but if it was that would be awesome.

Ok, that was the entire conversation, except the declining the rewards program offer several times and the several minutes it took to correct the misspelling of my name and email on the receipt. He could fix the email but not the name. He got the phone number right so hopefully that will be enough to claim my Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition come midnight October 13th or the next day.
Here is my made up version. It is not real. And I should have guessed that Eye Brawl would have had only one eye.
Here is what I believe to be the real version from

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