Saturday, August 10, 2013

Swap Force Secrets... Dark Secrets

Two days ago the @SkylandersGame twitter account posted a picture with 10 eyes and these words, "We've got a Dark Secret..."

The wannabe Skylander kids (WSK) have already seen Dark Ninja Stealth Elf so it wasn't too hard for them to guess that the teaser image was for "dark" version of other characters. The question for them was WHO? Now I, wannabe Skylander Dad, have access to more resources and found some interesting work by other fans that solved the mystery very fast and easily.

So I showed the annimated GIF created by dark52 and posted to to the WSKs and they nearly jumped through the ceiling. They are so excited for more Skylander variants. Nice Work dark52!

Well then today they posted the image below. Could it be a hint of something to come. Of course! He looks very Pirates/Black Pearl-esk.

We'll see on Monday when the final reveal happens on

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