Sunday, April 6, 2014

Skylanders Happy Meal Toys

It's that time of year again. The lure of the french fries is too hard to resist. The apple slices are crisp and juicy. The variety of soft drinks at the fountain machine seems endless, when you are 11 and like to mix them. But the best part to most kids is the toy. Sorry San Francisco, kids like toys, especially free ones.
So maybe the food isn't the absolute healthiest but it's not the unhealthiest. 

Skylanders are back at McDonalds!!! 

Well at least their less in game playable copies. This year there are all new characters for the Happy Meal and even a bad guy. That's right a chompie is in the mix. 

Free Ranger
Rattle Shake 
Magna Charge
Freeze Blade
Wash Buckler
Prism break 
And a chompie

Get them soon as certain toys are quickly disappearing. We still need 3 more for a complete set. 

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