Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Giants Starter pack for less than $20

Last Friday I went to Sam's Club. I was minding my own business, eating pizza and drinking a soda when I was overwhelmed by a wall of Scarlett Ninjinis. They had some where around 40 Ninjinis all lined up and looking oh so lonely. Ha! and to think that a less than a year ago she was just coming out and for such a long time you couldn't even find one. Supply and demand my friend.

So then after working past the wall of Ninjinis, I noticed some Giants Starter packs for the Wii U under the main shelf. We picked up a Wii U for Christmas and I had been telling the boys we should get Giants for it. The showed little interest but it was a dream of mine. Then I saw the price tag.... $19.91... uh yes please. It was like Christmas all over again. And as it turns out we only needed the game disc because the Swap Force portal works and we already have the guys (Jet-Vac, Cynder and Tree Rex). Codes anyone?

When ever we get a duplicate/double figure we immediately start to think of what we can do with them. Give 'em away. Paint 'em. Play in the pool with them.

Why not both?

So we are going to give away Tree Rex to our cousins that started playing with Swap Force and don't have any Giants. But since it is two girl cousins we are going to paint the red parts of Tree Rex a sparkly purple.

Photos coming soon.

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