Friday, January 10, 2014

Skylander Saturday at GameStop - January 11

So is tomorrow the day to get Wave 3? Let's hope so. GameStop is having a special Skylander Day starting at 10AM - most stores open at that time.
The have 4 special offers going on.
1. The first 25 Skylanders customers get a FREE SWAP Force poster (not the pale skinned, pimple faced teens that play Call of Duty all night in the basement). The poster showing in the email is new to me. It has some Wave 3 guys in it.
2. Spend $20 and get a free Sidekick from last years Frito-Lay promotion. They call them Skylanders Mini, like there are iPod or iPad or something. weird.
3. Get $20 off a SWAP Force starter pack. Really? Who still needs a starter pack? Well at least this is GameStop and you can pick up the Dark Edition starter pack.
4. 50% off select SWAP Force accessories.

Don't for get to join their Skylanders Adventure Club. For every 6 characters you buy you get a FREE Skylander. The other stuff you should already get if you are a regular GameStop customer.

But here is the reason to get excited about Wave 3. On their site they now show Stink Bomb, Spy Rise and Rubble Rouser... with release dates of January 11. That is great marketing if true. Get me in the store then spring on me that you have new guys to buy. "Well, of course I'll take them all." But it really would be more effective if they just came out and said, "Wave 3 characters will be available during our Skylanders Day this Saturday."

Let's do this thing!


  1. Kids love you guys. Would like to send a glow in the dark qickdraw rattlesnake for future contests if you guys accept them. Kids would freak out to see their prize in a contest of yours. Comment to this post if interested! Swap on!!

    1. Hi David! Thank for reading our blog. You may have us mixed up with the Skylander Boy and Girl. We love them too! They make some great videos. We make videos but not nearly as often (or as cool). I think the best way to contact them is through a private message on YouTube. Oh and how lucky are you to win 2 QD RattleShakes :P