Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where is Skylanders Swap Force Wave 3?

Wave 3 should be here before Christmas. I hope. To satisfy the need we picked up Jolly Bumble Blast. Review on him is coming. Stay tuned.

Here are the expected Skylanders to be released in Wave 3. Who will you be getting? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below.
Spy Rise - Looks awesome! His laser from above attack looks super sweet.
Rubble Rouser - EvanTubeHD unboxed him on a recent Skylanders Boomcast. Finally... Earth Element!
Dune Bug - His attacks look pretty nice and he flies.
Grim Creeper - Regular
Smolderdash - Regular
Windup - He reminds me of the guys from Tower of Time. Maybe I just don't know the backstory.
Platinum Sheep
Sheep Wreck Island - Looks like a Star Gate.
Light Core Countdown - He is the Bomb!
Light Core Whamshell - He's baaack!
HyberBeam Prism Break (series 3) - Crystals are now red but he still kinda stinks.
Phantom Cynder (series 3) - She is a bit translucent. But do I need another Cynder?
Thornhorn Camo - He's baaack too!
Hornblast Whirlwind - My boys like to play as her and heal the other player.

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