Saturday, August 16, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Edition

Skylander Trap Team is coming in October to all the major consoles. It was also recently announced that Trap Team is also coming to the Tablet, meaning iPad, Android tablet and even the Kindle Fire

The tablet requirements are a bit tight and cut out a few tablets that really aren't that old. Plus the folks that choose Android tablets, well if they can't upgrade the operating system to the latest they are out of luck. This does make sense since we are talking about console grade graphics. My iPad 2 struggles as it is. So we are on board with our iPad 4th Gen. 

A new Traptanium Portal comes with it. This is no ordinary portal. I has a slot on the side to support the tablet of your choice. Underneath it has a storage spot for the controller. Both portal and controller a Bluetooth based. It also comes with Snapshot and Food fight and two traps. The game will be the same as the console version which makes it very tempting but also hard to spend another $75 just to play on the iPad. They do have a special digital mode for Skylanders and Traps so you don't have to haul around the portal, figures and traps. That is a nice touch.
You can play with the controller or switch to touch controls on the screen. 

The starter pack will include a code to download the game from your specific app store.
As a side note, there will also be a downloadable trial version of the game that can be played with the touch controls. 

Questions that come to mind:
1. Will this be one player only? If not, then does the portal support more than one Skylander? The images only show one player and there is no mention of two player support. 
2. Will I be able to buy the controller separately, if something were to happen to the first one, say it got lost or if the answer to the first question is two player? 

It is available for pre-order today! Or in stores on launch day, 5 October 2014. 

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